Insper, São Paulo
WVU Exchange Program


The Insper experience gives students an integrated academic, professional and humanistic vision, which means the curricular and extracurricular activities they perform are designed to develop their intellectual curiosity and investigative capacity. Located in the most populous city in South America, Insper offers access to the economic center of Latin America as well as a variety of cultural experiences including theaters, muse-ums, cultural centers, and more.

Fast Facts

  • Language: English and Portuguese. Intermediate level Portuguese recommended—INSPER offers 25 hour crash course.
  • Eligibility: Must be a junior or senior in good academic standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
  • Accommodations: Off-campus; search assistance provided by university.
  • Duration: Semester
  • Semester Dates: Fall - early Aug thru mid Dec; Spring - early Feb thru late Jun
  • Deadlines: TBA


  • WVU Tuition
  • $100 Administrative fee
  • $5 CMI Insurance
  • $800 - $1,200 Airfare
  • $135 Passport
  • $160 + Handling Fees Student Visa
  • $450-$750 per month Housing
  • $1,000 Other Expenses


Only 7-10 courses are instructed in English each semester; the list below provides the English offerings for Fall 2015. All classes must be approved for WVU credit.

  • Agribusiness
  • Global Analysis of the Economic Environment
  • Environmental Mgmt and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • International Management
  • Pricing of Derivatives
  • Service Marketing
  • Chinese Economy and Doing Business in China