WVU Marketing Club

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Director: Dr. Paula Fitzgerald

The WVU Marketing Club is open to all majors and provides great hands-on experiences in order to help develop your career path. There are several high impact meetings a semester. The highlights of the year include an annual competition and an annual site visit.

Master's Marketing Competition

A local firm partners with the WVU Marketing Club for this event and that local firm is the subject of the event. Students break open a “secret case” in the morning and, by late afternoon, are presenting their own ideas to the owners/managers of the local firm. Students spend the day developing a marketing plan for the company. Presentations are given at the end of the day and the client chooses the winning presentation.

Previous Clients Include: Vance's Blues, Metropolitan Theatre and Tutto Gelato

Site Visit

Each year, we also try to take an educational trip to visit one or two significant firms. This provides students with the chance to see how the things they learn in class are applied in practice and to give students an idea about corporate life. Students are able to tour the buildings and participate in round table discussions with employees in order to help develop their career paths.

Previous Visits Include: Brunner Advertising, American Eagle, Bayer, PPG and DHL

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