B&E Speaker Series

William Peduto
Mayor of Pittsburgh
Friday, November 11, 2016
3pm at the Erickson Alumni Center

William Peduto was elected to the office of Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh in the General Election on November 5, 2013, and took office in January of 2014. Prior to taking office, he worked for 19 years on Pittsburgh City Council - seven years as a staffer then twelve years as a Member of Council.

Since taking office, Mayor Peduto has lead a collaborative effort to make Pittsburgh a leading 21st Century city. The Peduto administration has partnered with the White House on numerous initiatives, resulting in direct access to federal support related to affordable housing, education, economic development, energy efficiency, immigration, manufacturing, community policing, workforce development and technology.

As Mayor, Bill Peduto continues to champion the protection and enhancement of Pittsburgh’s new reputation - maintaining fiscal responsibility, establishing community based development plans, embracing innovative solutions and becoming a leader in green initiatives.  Under Peduto’s leadership the Pittsburgh Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation was established to track the city’s growth and equity in the technology sector and Pittsburgh signed a MOU with the U.S. Department of Energy to make the city a world leader in district energy production. Mayor Peduto is a founding member of the MetroLab Network, a national alliance of cities and universities, and serves on the National League of Cities Board of Directors.

Setting priorities around strengthening Pittsburgh's 90 communities, Peduto established the Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment to promote the city's role in housing, small business, and education. Under Peduto’s leadership, the Affordable Housing Task Force was created to address the future landscape of housing affordability; the My Brother’s Keeper Pittsburgh-Allegheny County Initiative was established to address closing opportunity gaps for young men of color; and the p4 model for urban growth and development was created with focus on equitable, inclusive and sustainable solutions. The Peduto administration is working to ensure that everyone benefits from Pittsburgh’s transformation and growth because, “If it’s not for all, it’s not for us.”