Top of the class

May 28, 2013
GE Competition top 10 percent
Best in interview competition, from left: Steven Anderson, Christopher Westbrook, Robert DelSignore, Meghan Kerin, Frank Vitale (instructor), Nicole Sangid, Rashad Bates and Timothy O'Malley.

These students are smiling because they were among the top 10 percent in the General Electric Interview Competition in April.

The event is a partnership between the undergraduate professional development course BCOR 315 and the graduate-level Master of Science in Industrial Relations (MSIR) staffing and selection course.

MSIR "GE recruiters" conduct simulated interviews with BCOR 315 candidates for a Management Development Program.

The recruiters then make the final selections of the "winners" based on how well each undergraduate student performed as a potential hire and management candidate. The competition runs in the fall and spring each year.

Nicloe Sangid, a junior from Charleston, W.Va., is a marketing major with minors in music and legal studies.  She said the experience would be helpful for any student.

"You only get one chance at an interview, and that is also your chance to make a good impression," she said. "By being able to practice this in a realistic setting, as well as spending a semester discussing interview etiquette and how to best answer questions, I now will feel much more comfortable in a professional interview."

Sangid is a singer who hopes to become a marketing professional in the music industry related to Broadway shows. She said the "test run" interview course has given her a lot of confidence.

Her instructor Frank Vitale hopes it did. "The GE Interview Competition provides our students with the opportunity to experience a professional interview as they prepare to seek internships and full-time jobs," he said. "The students take the interview very seriously and prepare diligently throughout the semester.  Our top place finishers have demonstrated interview skills and have been recognized to be the best in their peer group.  The ability to be selected among your peers is the key to landing the 'dream job' that our students are seeking."

For Rashad Bates, a senior from Vineland, N.J., the class was an immediate help. "This activity prepared me for an internship interview that I had a week later," he said. "I did a phone interview, and some of the questions were very similar to those asked in the competition. I was fortunate enough to get the internship."  Bates, who graduates next December, said he plans to attend graduate school.