Fund raising at half way point

November 22, 2013
State of Minds

The "A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia's University" that began its public phase in 2012 is 90 percent toward the goal of $750 million, with $683 million pledged or donated as of the end of September.

At the College of Business, where the goal is $50 million, $26 million has been pledged or donated, and Development Director Laura McCall thinks the second half of the effort is attainable. "Last year we raised $10.3 million in that year alone," she said, "and with this momentum, I feel we will certainly be successful."

The campaign ends on Dec. 31, 2015, and is aimed at financially backing Dean Jose Sartarelli's vision of "Better. Bigger. Ranked." which means providing quality education to students, helping them be more marketable and better able to find jobs, McCall said.

Dean Jose Sartarelli is optimistic, too.

"We are looking forward to meeting the long-term goal of $50 million," he said. "There are still more than two years left in the campaign, and with our focus on providing scholarships for great students, support for great new programs and support to bring qualified faculty and staff  in to join us, we believe that between now and the end of 2015 our goal will be met."

The College announced its largest corporate gift, $3 million, in early 2013 from the BrickStreet Foundation, which created the BrickStreet Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Previously, Fred T. Tattersall, chairman of 1607 Capital Partners in Richmond, Va., and a 1970 alumnus of the College, gave the College's largest personal gift to date and endowed a chair position in finance with a gift of $3 million.

As encouraging as these major gifts are, having an equal impact are smaller donations, McCall said. "I really believe that when we talk about the large gifts, and I'm referring to seven-figure numbers, we also need to realize the power of smaller gifts that accumulate. A gift of $25,000 goes a long way in changing a student's life in terms of scholarships and is also very important toward reaching our goal."

She said the College has celebrated a range of giving levels that include a $25,000 gift from a faculty member and a gift of $100,000 from the dean to establish scholarships. These gifts, combined with the generous larger donations, are the real momentum and force of the College's campaign, she said. "We are very grateful for all of the gifts we have received from our faculty, staff, and friends toward the State of Minds Campaign," she said.