Paula Fitzgerald
Paula Fitzgerald

Frank DeMarco
Frank DeMarco

Adolph Neidermeyer
Adolph Neidermeyer

William Riley
William Riley

Erica Lindsay
Erica Lindsay

William Hutchinson
William Hutchinson

Faculty, staff honored

April 30, 2012

The College of Business and Economics honored its own on Friday, April 20, at the Waterfront Place Hotel during the Dean's Awards of Distinction ceremony.

The annual event is an opportunity to celebrate and offer gratitude to the outstanding faculty, staff and students who make the College a strong, vibrant institution of higher education, said Milan Puskar Dean Jose Sartarelli.

This year's research award was presented to Paula Fitzgerald. Dr. Fitzgerald is the Nathan Haddad Professor of Business Administration and is well-known for her studies of consumer behavior, especially related to public policy. She is also working on new curriculum in social media and marketing.

Frank DeMarco was presented with this year's outreach award. DeMarco helped establish the College's new hospitality area of emphasis and is known throughout the state as a leader in the hospitality industry.

The Dean's 2012 Award in Service was presented to Adolph Neidermeyer and William Riley. Dr. Neidermeyer specializes in taxation and personal financial planning. He offers professional development executive short courses in financial accounting and personal planning issues. Dr. Riley is a finance professor, chairman of the Department of Finance and director of the Center for Chinese Business.

Erica Lindsay received the staff award. She is a professional technologist and graphic designer in the College's Communications and Marketing unit. She received the award for outstanding contributions, including production on the institution's magazine, electronic newsletter, marketing materials and other work.

The Dean's 2012 Award in Teaching was presented in two categories—adjunct faculty and faculty. William Hutchison received the former; Dr. Richard Riley the latter. Hutchison is the College's executive-in-residence and teaches in the management and industrial relations programs. He is the former corporate director of compensation and benefits for Dow Chemical Corp.

Dr. Riley is the Louis F. Tanner Distinguished Professor of Public Accounting and the 2008 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Educator of the Year.

Beta Gamma Sigma students voted for their favorite professors and awarded their annual faculty award to Suzanne Godsen Kitchen and Presha Neidermeyer.

Also, for the first time, citations were given for outstanding research publications, which are listed below by department. The numbers in parentheses next to a name indicate more than one publication. Faculty who have received an A+ acceptance or publication are invited to submit a competitive summer research proposal. One proposal will be funded at $10,000 paid over two summers.

Department of Accounting

Jack Dorminey, Scott Fleming, Richard Riley

Dorminey, J., A. S. Fleming, M-J. Kranacher, R. A. Riley, Jr. 2012. The Evolution of Fraud Theory. Issues in Accounting Education.

Department of Economics

Shuichiro Nishioka

Nishioka, Shuichiro, (forthcoming), International Differences in Production Techniques: Implications for the Factor Content of Trade, Journal of International Economics.

Department of Management

Jun Xia (2)

Xia, J. (2011). Mutual dependence, partner substitutability, and repeated partnership: The survival of cross-border alliances. Strategic Management Journal.

Xia, J., Li, S. (forthcoming). The Divestiture of Acquired subunits: A Resource Dependence Approach. Strategic Management Journal.

Department of Marketing

James Brown, Jody Crosno, M. Paula Fitzgerald (2), Richard McFarland (3), Matthew Sarkees, Michael Walsh

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Taylor, C. R., Sarkees, M., Bang, H.K. (forthcoming). On-Premise Signs as Marketing Devices: Measuring the Value to the Business Enterprise. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Walsh, M., Fitzgerald, M. Paula, Gurley - Calvez, T., Pellillo, A. (2011). Active Versus Passive Choice: Evidence from a Public Health Care Redesign. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Tami Gurley-Calvez (2)

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