B&E enrollment numbers show growth

November 22, 2013
B&E Students

The College of Business and Economics is getting bigger.

Official enrollment numbers were issued in early October showing that 2,196 undergraduates and 395 graduate students enrolled in the College for the fall semester, totaling 2,591 students.

Dean Jose Sartarelli commented that the growth is a result of several components.

"I believe the public sees the quality of our programs. This is getting out, and it is helped by rankings, new programs and by a more active recruiting focus," he said. "I am very pleased that we added more students to the roster, which is across the board: in-state, out-of-state, international, graduate and undergraduate. And I think that the outstanding efforts of our recruiters are also driving this increase."

Since 2011, when the College began admitting freshmen for the first time, freshmen enrollment has grown each year.  Of the College's seven undergraduate majors, management has the largest enrollment this fall with 295 students, followed by marketing, 231; accounting, 224; finance, 208; management information systems, 89; general business, 50; and economics, 35.

Students who have not yet attained the prerequisite courses to select majors numbered 1,064.

For the fall semester, 862 West Virginia residents enrolled as undergraduates, along with 219 students from other states.  Pennsylvania led the states other than West Virginia in the number of students enrolling this fall as undergraduates, followed by New Jersey and Maryland.

The College's global reach is seen in 120 international students enrolled as undergraduates this fall.  Saudi Arabia led in the number of students enrolled, followed by Oman, India and Kuwait.