WVU men’s basketball team is serious business

February 27, 2015

Five WVU Basketball Players, Business Students
There are five B&E students on this year’s men’s basketball team. Front row, from left, are James Long and Tyrone Hughes. Back row, from left, are Kevin Noreen, Nathan Adrian, Richard Romeo and Coach Bob Huggins.

When you’re cheering on the men’s basketball team this year, you’re also cheering for future big names in the business world. Out of the 17 players on the team roster, five are business majors. That’s a big number, and all five have big plans.

For Nathan Adrian (junior, forward, finance, Morgantown, W.Va.), Tyrone Hughes (senior, guard, finance, Chicago, Illinois), James Long (junior, guard, finance, Charleston, W.Va.), Kevin Noreen (graduate student, forward, MSIR, Minneapolis, Minnesota) and Richard Romeo (junior, guard, marketing, White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.), being a student at B&E has been part of an incredible college experience.

Of those five, Adrian and Noreen have added to that experience by being named this week to the first team of the 2015 Academic All-Big 12 Men’s Basketball Team with a GPA of 3.2 or higher. To qualify, student-athletes must maintain a 3.00 GPA or higher either cumulative or the two previous semesters and must have participated in 60 percent of their team’s scheduled contests. And Noreen, who will graduate this year from B&E’s Master of Science in Human Resources and Industrial Relations program, is a three-time first team honoree. The Mountaineers had four other players named to the Second Team as well.

And as difficult as it is to be a student-athlete these days, these players are preparing themselves for a much bigger arena.

What do you like best about B&E?

Adrian: “I like all of the opportunities that B&E offers to every student.”
Hughes: “They actually care about your interests and what you aspire to be. B&E puts in the effort to help you get where you want to be and the connections with the College are endless.”
Long: “I like the atmosphere surrounding B&E. It almost makes you feel closer to the real world.”
Noreen: “I like the Center for Career Development best about B&E. The support they provide students in finding internships/jobs is second to none.”

What do you see yourself doing after graduation from WVU?

Adrian: “After college I hope to move away for a little while and find a good job managing finances and assets.”
Hughes: “I either want to work for an NBA team in their financial or operations department, become a sports agent or, down the line, start up my own financial advising firm for black athletes.”
Long: “After graduation I would like to go to law school, and after law school I would like to be financially involved with basketball in some sense.”
Noreen: “Working as a human resources generalist.”
Romeo: “Spending a year working on the team as a graduate assistant.”

If you could be involved in any kind of business, what would it be?

Adrian: “I would like to be involved in some kind of banking at some point in my career. It interests me.”
Hughes: “Whatever business that allows me to give back and maximize my creativity.”
Noreen: “I would like to work in a Fortune 100-sized company, preferably in the oil/gas industry.”
Romeo: “I’d love to work with a major sports company such as Nike or Adidas on endorsing young, new athletes to represent the brand from their transition from amateur to the professional level.”

And while any student-athlete will tell you it’s a unique journey through college, these players seemed grateful for their academic experiences.

“I would recommend B&E to anyone that is coming to WVU,” Adrian said. “In my opinion, it is the best option for a college student who is looking for a bright future with a wide range of options.” Noreen said, “B&E is a vehicle that offers fantastic post-college professional opportunities for anybody willing to sacrifice and work hard to obtain them.” Long added, “I would tell prospective students that B&E seems to be providing a good foundation for my future. B&E challenges you, but (that) will be very helpful in the long run.” Romeo said, “B&E is great for teaching students how to properly work as a team.”

That’s what not only makes these five a great team on the court, but off the court, too.