B&E Young Professional Network

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The B&E Young Professional Network is a group of dedicated young alumni who support the philanthropic efforts of the College through meaningful contributions, which over time will create a legacy for the future of B&E.

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A minimum donation of $10 a month will grant you access to an exclusive network of young and successful B&E graduates, along with special membership benefits. You can become a lifetime member of this group with a donation of $1200 or more. The money generated from this group will be pooled together for a particular cause of the group's choice in the College to have greater impact.

Become a member by making your contribution online or by calling 304-293-3652.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the B&E Young Professional Network allows you to become part of a group you can network with and get engaged with the College and its activities, but you will also receive the following benefits:                  

  • Invitation to college-sponsored tables at various events
  • Recognition at Roll of Distinguished Alumni induction ceremony             
  • Invitations to special College events
  • Receive recognition in a B&E publication
  • Area hosting in key alumni area
  • Complimentary registration at any Economic Outlook Conference in the State
  • Application fee waiver for any of B&E's graduate programs.
  • Complimentary registration the Etiquette dinner in the spring

Young Professional Network Charter Members

Nicholas Aberegg
Victor Adelanwa *
Andria Alvarez
Maxwell Anderson
Matthew Anstey
Brittany Audia *
Joshua Bach
Jill Bach
Douglas Ballard
Nicholas Bartlow
Cassandra Baylous
Justin Blankenship
Christopher Boland
Langston Bryant
Sharra Cales
DJ Casto
Leah Casto
Nan Chen
Matthew Cohen
Kimberly Corbin
Lisa Costello
Christina Cudney
Jennifer Cunanan
Anthony DeFazio
Patrick Denman
Arnaldo Diaz
Chad Dotson
Patrick Dunlavey
Elliott Edwards
Derrick Ehrhardt
Doug Erwin
Susan Erwin
Leigha Fleming
Brian Freed *
William Gautreau
Anthony Giambrone
Brad Gillespie
Nicholas Goodman
Anthony Gregory
Michael Gruber
Matthew Harris
Alvin Hathaway
Sheneika Hathaway
Adam Heller
Jennifer Henderson
Steven Henderson
Craig Hill
Sarah Holt
Abigail Hostetler
Damon Hubbard
Andrew Jackel
Todd James
Eric Jarrell
Catherine Kelley
Carole Kiger
Patrick Krimm
Noel Leuzarder
Adam Levitsky
Danielle Logue
Vincent Lopez
Jeffrey Martin
Azsra Mathar
Ryan McNamara
Izaak Mendelson
Rachel Miller
Jonathan Moriarty
Bianca Mugnano
Jennifer Neptune
Donald Nicholson
Jeffrey Nickler
Bridget Nodianos
Kevin Nodianos
Ryan Noon
Heather O'Leary
Kevin Olkowski *
Tara Olkowski *
Michelle Onuska
Danny Orsburn
Nicholas Oxley *
Tara Paoloemilio
Taylor Poli
Kyle Pratt
Martin Quaye
Travis Ritchie *
Jennifer Rockwell
Joshua Rogers
Suryadipta Roy
Nicole Sangid
Danielle Santori
Wayne Saville II
Stephen Seem
Tara Seem
Philip haffer *
Jeffrey Shao
Angela Sheffield
Bryan Shires
Andrea Shirey
Scott Shirey
Mike Sirockman *
Kellyn Smith
Kevin Speaker
Steven Staffileno
Judith Stanton
Megan Sullivan
Abigail Tardiff
Zacary Tardiff
Steven Thompson
Cameron Thoroughman
Michael Tonelli
Matthew Traverso
Elizabeth Vitullo
Noah Walters
Kimberly Weaver
Corey Westerman
Daniel Westermeyer *
Alan Wilson
Trey Wright
Kayla Younciak
Andrew Young
Anthony Zabiegalski

* Indicates Lifetime Membership


REMEMBER…if your company/organization has a matching gift program, your donation to the Young Professional Network may be eligible. Contact us for more information.