B&E Building

Building Our Future: Structural Priorities

As we bring new students into our B&E family as freshmen and enrollment continues to rise, the need for a new building becomes more and more apparent. Additionally, in order to solidify our place among the top business schools in the country, we must equip our buildings with the latest business technologies available.

Updating the Current Building

  • Current building opened in 1991
  • Updating will include structural, technological, and environmental improvements
  • Classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls and suites will be modernized

Constructing New Building

  • New building will be dedicated to graduate programs
  • Includes classrooms, student meeting rooms, lecture halls, trading rooms, event/ conference center
  • It should be adapted to the pedagogical requirements of the 21st century

Innovation Center

  • Joint mission between the Eberly College of Arts & Sciences and B&E
  • Located in connector building between B&E and Life Sciences
  • Fully equipped pods where scientists and business majors will work on innovative projects, taking them from the labs to the market
  • Open to all other colleges to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the University

Trading Room

  • Provide students in finance, accounting, and other disciplines with real tools to develop the skills to compete in the modern financial services industry
  • Funds would be used to construct, equip, and operate the rooms

Technology and Equipment

  • Obsolescence is a critical issue when analyzing the needs of educational institutions
  • Upgrading hardware and software is critical to keep up with technological advances