The syllabus reflects your design for the course and acts as a contract with the student.

Syllabus Checklist

Required by the University

  • Course description (Consult the catalog before writing)
  • Method of instruction (e.g., lecture, lab, on-line)
  • Expected Learning Outcomes
  • Outline of topics (by day, week, or percent of time)
  • Schedule of assignments & due dates (including readings, homework, exams, and papers)
  • Evaluation/Grading schema (i.e., weight given to various course requirements)
  • Grade scale (how grading points or percentages correspond to letter grades)
  • Course text(s) and author(s)
  • Attendance policy (clarify whether and how attendance affects course grade)
  • Instructor’s contact information, including office hour and office locations

Optional Items Listed by the University

  • Course objectives
  • Inclusivity statement (if included, you must use the language provided by the University)
  • Grading rubrics
  • Late work policy
  • Academic integrity statement (if included, you must use the language provided by the University)

Required by the College of Business and Economics

  • Course number and title – include section number and CRN
  • Semester and year
  • Class place and time
  • Instructor’s name
  • Instructor’s office telephone number and email address
  • Instructor’s office location
  • Instructor’s office hours: (a minimum 3 hours per week and “by appointment” required – check with your department for additional guidelines)

Recommended Items

  • Course Pre-requisites (as per the catalog)
  • Explicit Make-up policy for tests
  • Explicit make-up policy for homework. Is late homework accepted? Is an email with attachment an acceptable method for delivery?