Research Databases and Resources

The Senior Associate Dean coordinates the provision of research support to individual faculty. Among the B&E research resources are research databases and software.


The college maintains a subscription to Wharton Research Data Services and some of the affiliated databases. Instructions on the use of WRDS can be found at Additional support is provided by a Ph.D. graduate research assistant. The following databases are accessed through a WRDS subscription.

bank.all Bank Regulatory Database
block.all Blockholders Database
cboe.all measure of market expectations of near-term volatility.
comp.backdata Company Financials Backdata (Base Product: Industrial, Segments +) Bank
comp.execucomp Executive Compensation
comp.full Company Financials (Base Product: Industrial, Segments +)Price, Dividends, Earnings-- Active Equities (Active, Inactive Equities)Segments -- Inactive Companies (research file) Global Vantage
comp.segbackdata Segments Backdata
comp.segresearchbackdata Segments Backdata -- Inactive Companies (research file)
compq.all Compustat Full -- Quarterly Update Version
crsp.ccmerged CRSP/Compustat Merged
crsp.dailybonds Daily Bonds
crsp.dailystocks Daily Stocks
crsp.monthlystocks Monthly Stocks
cusip.all CUSIP Master
djones.all Dow Jones Averages & Total Return Indexes
dmef.all Direct Marketing Educational Foundation
doe.all Disclosure of Order Execution Statistics
fdic.all FDIC Call Report
ff.all Fama-French portfolios and factors
frb.all Foreign Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, and State Composite Indexes
phlx.all Currency Options and Implied Volatility
pwt.all The Penn World Tables Database
trace.all Corporate Bond Information

Information on the use of WRDS is available at and through the services of a dedicated graduate research assistant (TBA).


The College maintains a subscription to Qualtrics, for use in research, teaching, and service activities. Qualtrics has a wizard to help build surveys that requires no prior training. Dozens of sample surveys on various topics are available for customization. The software will integrate sending and tracking of e-mail introductions and automatically generates reminder e-mails. It has integrated graphics and statistical tools with the ability to download data into Excel or SPSS with the full syntax retaining. To learn more about Qualtrics, go to To establish an account go to

Other Databases

The College along with individual units may purchase and support other databases outside of those accessible through WRDS. For example, the Bureau of Business and Economic Research has subscriptions to IHS Global Macro and Regional Databases. BBER also has access to all Census databases in light of its responsibilities as the West Virginia representative to the Federal-State Cooperative on Population Estimates. The Department of Accounting (Adolph Neidermeyer) supports the use of RIA.