Independent Study

Generally, an independent study is an arranged course of study open to students who express an interest in acquiring knowledge of a subject matter for which the academic unit does not offer a traditional course. A student interested in engaging in independent study must enter into contract with a full-time faculty member prior to being eligible to register for the respective course. The instructor and student agree upon the terms of the independent study (i.e. topic, research expectation, assignments, due dates, and grading scale). Once the terms of the contract have been agreed upon, the independent study contract is completed by the instructor, signed by the instructor and student, and signed by the instructor’s chairperson. In the absence of a chairperson, the associate dean for academic affairs may approve the independent study. A copy of the independent study contract is presented to the respective graduate/undergraduate programs office and authorization to register for the course is issued to the student. Independent study courses are variable in credit hours. Therefore, the quantity of work must correlate to the number of credit hours the independent study will award. Students have to adjust the registration hours in STAR prior to the add/drop deadline for the respective course, which is the end of the first week of classes for a regular academic term).