Awarding an Incomplete Grade

A grade of “I” (Incomplete) is a temporary grade assignment used when unforeseen, non-academic circumstances arise that prohibit students from completing the last assignment at the end of the semester. The grade of Incomplete is typically assigned because of an excused absence from the final examination, or because the work is unavoidably incomplete, as determined by the faculty member in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Graham Peace. Students who are failing a course (exclusive of the incomplete work) may not request an Incomplete.

Students who want be considered for an Incomplete must appeal to their instructor prior to the end of the term; if the instructor agrees, the instructor and the student must negotiate the conditions under which the grade of “I” will be changed to a letter grade. This information is to be summarized in a signed contract. The contract must be submitted to the undergraduate advising office or graduate office. The date to submit the incomplete work should not be set beyond the last day of class of the following semester.

To remove the grade of I, a student does not register for the course again.

If a student does not complete the course requirements as stipulated in the contract or by the expiration date, the I grade will be replaced with an IF.