The WVU College of Business and Economics announces its 2014 Roll of Distinguished Alumni
November 2014


Dean Sartarelli

Basketball legend Magic Johnson has said he is proudest of his life off the court, affecting people’s lives and being a role model.

B&E has honored seven unique individuals recently in the induction of new members in its Roll of Distinguished Alumni and West Virginia Business Hall of Fame that reflect Johnson’s philosophy. And that’s what makes them so special.

James R. Lynch, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, PepsiCo Americas Beverages; William M. Sheedy, Executive Vice President, Visa; D. Stephen Walker, retired President and Chief Operating Officer of Walker Machinery; and Samuel Weese, retired President and CEO of The American College and former West Virginia Insurance Commissioner, were inducted into the Roll of Distinguished Alumni. Frank Alderman, M.D., CEO of MedExpress; George Bennett, entrepreneur; and Patrick Graney, III, chairman of One Stop Stores, were all inducted into the West Virginia Business Hall of Fame.

Our College of Business and Economics hosts both of these annual events to honor the actions, commitment and achievements of individuals who have had significant impacts on the business landscape in our great state, our nation and the world.

However, even more important is the effect these individuals have on the people around them and the example they set. As our students are molded into individuals who will set out upon graduation to find themselves in this world, it is essential to provide them with examples of those who have been successful. Some students will take advantage of opportunities to have access to those we honor, providing distinctive — and sometimes even life changing — learning experiences.

We are privileged to honor such individuals each year at B&E not only for their remarkable achievements, but because they strengthen us in our journey to become “Better. Bigger. Ranked.”

Jose V. Sartarelli, Ph.D.
Milan Puskar Dean


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